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IoT Smarthome 


PowerIoT IC Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home design using HT3000 series IC can provide efficient charging, LED equipment and any DC/DC application solutions. It is suitable for various remote USB Type-C or Type-A fast charging or power supply applications. It can meet the needs of all users and can reach a power of more than 100W. Configured with UART / I2C serial interface and wireless communication module (such as Bluetooth / Wi-Fi) connection function can be widely used in IoT devices, such as power metering, temperature monitoring and switch control.

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Output Power


App Note




Upon request
Upon request
Internet of Things IoT App Note

1. HT3310 45W+18W IoT-USB App Note

2. HT3311 45W+18W IoT-LED-USB App Note

HT3310 IoT

Also available


IoT Reference Design

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The reference design IoT is a solution applied in IoT based on the HT3300 design of Xingao. With the support of the chip, the output supports PD and QC protocols, and the output power is up to 60W. The heavy load efficiency can be as high as 98%, which effectively improves the heat dissipation problem. There is an extremely wide input voltage range. No matter the input voltage is higher than, equal to or lower than the output voltage, it can output normally. The overall size is small, and the width is less than 1 coin.


Demo Board Information:

Input voltage: 12V ~ 24V
Output voltage: 5V~20V
Output power: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A,15V/3A,20V/3A
IC: HT3310

MOSFET: 2N7002, RUH4040M2

Board dimension: 55mm*47mm

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