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iPhone 12 Multi-port Charger

IPhone 12
Design for iPhone Multi-port Charging

There could be a new charging bug in iPhone. When an iPhone is connected to a multi-ports charger, if other charging devices are unplugged, it will cause iPhone to stop charging. A new charger design using the HT6000 IC not only charges the iPhone with high efficiency, but also fixes this problem. Please contact us for more information.


Dual Channels Output

Real Fast Charge


20W Fast Charge

Support PD3.0


Fit for iPhone

Charging bugs free


Compact Design

High Integration

Part Number

Output Power


App Note


iPhone Multi-port Charger App Note

1. HT6020_ACDC_20W+20W QC App Note

2. HT6329_HUSB350_PD(21052702)

iPhone Multi-port Charger Demonstration

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iPhone 12 has problems with charging, almost all multi-port chargers are failed!

According to several technology websites, a new charging bug appeared in the iPhone 12, which reported that when using a multi-port charger to charge the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If other charging devices are plugged/unplugged on the chargers, the iPhone will stop charging.

Report 1.JPG
Report 2.JPG

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