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Home Appliance Application

Wireless Router Application

Wireless routers equipped the HT6000 series IC operate with less space occupancy while less ICs are supporting more components to reach higher performance.


Wireless Speaker Application

Wireless speakers equipped HT3000 series IC can satisfy the needs of low EMI and high heat dissipation. The IoT features can be activated with HT3000.

HTT_PowerIoT_sole 1.png

IoT Smart Home Application

IoT smart home designs using the HT3000 series IC create brand new experiences of your futuristic smart home powered by HTT.

—Pngtree—lcd display big screen smart_5666939.png

Smart TV Application

Smart TVs using the HT6000 series IC can support different components and satisfy the needs for low EMI, high heat dissipation efficiency, and better power management as well.

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